Woman's Health 

PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fertility Issues, Menopause

Along with gut health, female health has been a subject I've had great interest in. The complexities of the female body are amazing and the intricate balance of hormonal health can easily be disrupted by stress, gut microbial imbalance and toxin exposure. 

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The female body when functioning optimally is a delicate balance of hormone production and elimination. However, when this are not working properly we can experiences disruptions in our hormonal cycle.

These can be due to

  • Stress

  • Impaired detoxification processes: Our liver and bowels that clears the hormones from our body and if we are not clearing them adequatelty we will experience symptoms of hormonal excess.

  • Exposure to xeno ostrogens. These are molecules found in the environment (plastics) that mimic the way oestrogen is used in the body causing problems. 

  • Immune system dysregulation

  • Excess weight. Fat cells release hormones, which can affect our female sex hormones

  • Genetic alterations in the way we produce enzymes that turn on or off hormone production and metabolism.

Using a thorough case history, relevant blood tests and a possible DUTCH test, I formulate a treatment plan that aims to address the root of the cause. Keep in mind that treatments for hormonal issues often take at least 6 months as it takes every 3-5 weeks to complete a cycle.